Friday 13 August 2021

The sheer volume of coverage of the IPCC’s AR6 report this week can be overwhelming. Like many people I asked what does it actually mean and what can I do about it?  I found these two summaries, from Carbon Brief, and Zeke Hausfather,  the most helpful of all of the analysis.


My key take aways?


It is “virtually certain that global surface temperature rise and associated changes can be limited through rapid and substantial reduction in global GHG emissions”.


“There is still a choice about how much warming there will be this century”.


That choice is ours. Leaders, business owners and colleagues, in every organisation, need to take responsibility and put their plans and reporting in place without delay, so we can reduce emissions as fast and effectively, as humanly possible.  We have the technologies and with the falling costs of solar PV and batteries, combinations of energy efficiency and renewables are now the lowest cost way of providing electricity – making replacing legacy energy infrastructure financially viable. Institutional capital is available and eager to find more sustainable investments.   The challenge is to take the knowledge we have and turn long-term intentions into investment plans that can be actioned now.


The ep group works with organisations to enable them to deliver net zero and regenerative infrastructure.  Get in touch today and start the conversation.


IPCC WG1 AR6 SPM Report Cover: Changing by Alisa Singer. Credit: Alisa Singer/IPCC.


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