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I founded EnergyPro Ltd, now part of the ep group, in 2012 with the purpose of accelerating investment into energy efficiency.

We introduced the Investor Confidence Project to Europe, we have advised governments – both central and local –  corporates, investors and multi-laterals, and we originated and implemented £60m of investment into energy efficiency through a joint venture with EESL, the Indian state owned Energy Service Company.  We also developed the ESCO-in-a-Box business model which is now being rolled out in the UK, Kenya and the Philippines.


I am also the independent member of the Investment Committee of the London Energy Efficiency Fund and a Non-Executive Director of ZPN, an EV charging infrastructure company.


The ep group is a community of businesses all providing services to assist the transition to a net zero and regenerative economy.  As well as ep consultancy we have ep projects, a design and architecture form specialising in green and regenerative buildings, ep impact which helps sustainability companies raise capital and deploys our own funds, and ep asset management which holds our share in the JV with EESL and other JVs.  As we believe that addressing the problems of sustainability and regeneration need new models for the relationship between capital and enterprises we have adopted steward ownership which is based on two principles: self-governance, and profits serve purpose.


Following a PhD concerning the potential for energy efficiency in UK industry in the early 1980s, I worked in energy efficiency implementing large-scale energy management programmes. I also worked for the EU Phare programme, the United Nations Development Programme, USAID and the World Bank implementing national energy efficiency programmes in Romania.


In 2000 I joined Enron and was part of the team that implemented innovative energy supply and efficiency contracts for Sainsburys and Diageo, and in 2002 I led that team in their transition to RWE Solutions, going on to build a successful business that became part of RWE npower in 2006.


After that I joined the financial services industry at Matrix Corporate Capital, leading the Extel number 1 rated research team in new energy and clean technology before moving into Corporate Finance where I advised quoted and un-quoted companies.


I am an experienced public speaker and author, having made more than 200 presentations around the world and written more than 300 publications on energy efficiency.  My first book, ‘Outsourcing of Energy Management’ came out in 2007 and my second book, “Energy Efficiency: the Definitive Guide to the Cheapest, Cleanest, Fastest Source of Energy”, was released in October 2013.


I have been a government adviser to the governments of UK, Romania, China and Saudi Arabia. In November 2012 I was awarded the Energy Institute’s Individual Achievement Award, and in 2017 the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s Champion of Energy Efficiency Award.  In May 2018 EnergyPro won the SME Award of the India Business Group.


As well as energy I am also very interested in space and occasionally write and speak on space exploration and space tourism.

Dr Steven Fawkes

Welcome to my blog on energy efficiency and energy efficiency financing. The first question people ask is why my blog is called 'only eleven percent' - the answer is here. I look forward to engaging with you!

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency by Steven Fawkes

My book Energy Efficiency is available to buy now

Outsourcing Energy Management

Outsourcing Energy Management by Steven Fawkes

My book Outsourcing Energy Management is available to buy now

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