Tuesday 27 July 2021

There are several barriers that prevent organisations implementing effective decarbonisation programmes.  One of these is the perception that investing in projects that move the organisation towards net zero is expensive and not profitable.  This ignores the new realities that have been brought about by the rapidly falling costs of solar PV and batteries, as well as the falling costs of other energy efficiency technologies such as LED lighting and AI control systems.


What these trends mean is that it is now possible to decarbonise in a profitable way. Profitability is further enhanced when counting the many multiple benefits that energy efficiency and renewable projects can bring, ranging from energy price stability to improved health and welfare to increased asset value to name but three.  When these multiple benefits are identified and properly assessed, using the MBenefits approach pioneered by Catherine Cooremans and used by ep group, the financial benefits of projects are often multiplied by many times.


All of the benefits of any decarbonisation programme, or individual project, need to be identified, weighed against the strategic objectives of the organisation, and properly valued. When this is done, decarbonisation can be profitable.


If you need assistance in identifying, developing or building the business case for decarbonisation projects please contact us at ep group.




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