Monday 25 November 2013

I have written before about the multiple benefits of energy efficiency beyond purely cost saving.  These can include:


  • Reduced exposure to energy price volatility

  • Reduced emissions of carbon dioxide

  • Reduced emissions of pollutants resulting from combustion of fossil fuels such as mercury, other metals, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides

  • Reduced need to invest in energy supply infrastructure e.g. electrical grid connections at the host level

  • Reduced need to invest in energy supply infrastructure in the wider electricity generation, transmission and distribution system

  • Reduced

  • Improved quality of production in industrial processes

  • Higher productivity, health and well-being of employees

  • Improved comfort

  • Improved health and reduced expenditure on health

  • Increased property values

  • Reduced local pollution

  • Job creation


Now RAP – the Regulatory Assistance Project in the US, has coined a great phrase to cover this point about multiple benefits – “the layer cake of energy efficiency”.  The article can be found here:


We need to make sure decision makers in companies, the public sector and government appreciate and value all the layers of the energy efficiency cake.  Government and regulators need to put in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure that the value of the whole cake is counted in any assessment of demand side versus supply side decisions.  At the risk of taking baking analogies too far – we are currently only eating the icing but we need an energy efficiency version of the great British Bake Off in which we enjoy every layer of the cake!

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