Tuesday 5 February 2013

Every effective energy efficiency programme needs support from the top and at today’s launch of the “Energy Efficiency Mission” hosted by Greg Barker we certainly got top level support direct from the Prime Minister David Cameron. This marks a significant step forward for the energy efficiency agenda and has to be welcomed, whatever the cynicism about any government’s ability to deliver.


As I said in my recent “Energy World” article we have now laid the foundations of energy efficiency policy in the UK. The test now is what we can build upon those foundations. A critical corner stone will be incorporating the demand side into the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) process in some way. This has been the ambition of Greg Barker and others (including the author) for a long time but inertia and resistance in the civil service and industry alike has managed to hold it up. We are now at a critical time and there is only a limited window to get the wording into the Energy Bill. It will take the full support of the PM and the Minister to force through a mechanism, which is probably going to be something in the capacity mechanism rather than a premium payment (code for an efficiency Feed-in tariff).


Watch this space.

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