Thursday 13 September 2018

The start of Autumn seems like a good time to update you on EnergyPro, what we are doing and where we are going.


It has been an eventful summer, with exceptional weather events globally starting to look more and more like the climate change predictions that seemed like scare mongering only a few years ago. In the US the Trump saga continues to play out to its inevitable end, the important question is how much permanent damage is being done both to institutions and social discourse. The attempts by the Trump Administration to freeze Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards and support the coal industry can only ever be (tiny) fingers in the dam slowing the advance towards a cleaner, more distributed, more flexible and more equitable energy system.


On a personal front, I lost my best friend to the scourge of cancer and feel very strongly that we should be greatly increasing spending on medical research (and other R&D) rather than succumbing to the pseudo-science and anti-science of the conspiracy theorists and their fellow travellers that seem to be on the increase.  In 1957 Sputnik shocked the US into ramping up spending on scientific and technical education – and the world continues to reap the benefits 60 years later.  Now we need to do something similar in health, climate and energy.


On the business front, EnergyPro continues to develop the two sides of its business; a consultancy practice with a strong focus on energy productivity, energy efficiency finance and energy services, and an investment and asset management business.  Our commitment to accelerating the energy transition remains as strong as ever, as does our commitment to transparency, integrity and creating solutions that are equitable.


In the Autumn, the consultancy will be continuing to support the work of the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) through our participation in the consortium selected by DG Energy to take the work forward. We also continue our work on the Investor Confidence Project which is now available for industrial, street lighting and district energy projects. Earlier in the year we assisted a major transport undertaking to develop a new strategy for its multiple energy assets and Plymouth Council in its preparations to create a sustainable energy fund.  We believe that both these projects will move forward to create interesting assignments and real impact.


We are also working with OpenEE to introduce metered efficiency and pay for performance models to Europe.  We believe this approach is transformative for efficiency and are happy to discuss the possibilities with market players.


In the investment business we continue to develop our JV with EESL, the world’s leading publicly owned ESCO, and are looking at several new investment opportunities. We are also considering opportunities which may not be suitable for the JV and are looking to work much closer with a leading merchant bank to raise funds for companies in our sector.


If you see an opportunity where our expertise and experience could help resolve an energy problem that you have, see an investment opportunity, or would like to work with us, please reach out to me, Mike or Matt (details below).


Steve Fawkes


Matt Pumfrey


Mike Tivey



We look forward to continuing the conversation.


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  • Ted Kidd on September 13th, 2018 at 2:35 pm said:

    “We are also working with OpenEE to introduce metered efficiency and pay for performance models to Europe. We believe this approach is transformative for efficiency and are happy to discuss the possibilities with market players.”

    Love to see a hypothetical model showing how the math works. An example of benefits to all participants, particularly the homeowner, seem to be impossible to find.

    Have you seen how these numbers might look?

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